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In the season of gardenia flowers, students bid farewell to the green campus, into the workplace, began to strive for their dreams. A watch with excellent quality and high cost performance is undoubtedly a necessary accessory for new employees in this graduation season. Time like running water fast, it will be regretless youth irrigation, watch of wrist of Baroncelli series power storage will be growing a little moment to record, and build up our strength power market the newborn, with ultra high performance-to-price ratio and profound connotation of Swiss mechanical watch, the newbies “table” of vigor and vitality, become a watch of wrist of your best choice of entering the workplace.
In this graduation season, Swiss watch Mido selected Baroncelli series power storage watch, temperament and elegance blend, become the first choice of the workplace watch. Baroncelli series power storage men’s watches with the appearance of the atmosphere and powerful functions, for each is about to set foot on the workplace, open a new chapter of life graduates to provide power reserve.
Constant quality makes for truly beautiful things. Since 1918, Mido automatic mechanical watches have been telling the time with unique, timeless classics. The Baroncelli collection is a beautiful blend of classic architectural details and classical aesthetic elements. It has a history of more than 30 years. Mido Baroncelli series power storage watch on the basis of the original series to add exquisite details of the design, with its tenacity and durability to express the basic elements of time, create a legend between the wrist, for the workplace new store more power. Black dial is the expression of deep temperament, and dynamic storage lets a person have a different kind of courageously feeling, although duty field new appointment. also can accumulate power for oneself at any moment, seize fleeting every moment, condense the inspiration that comes from instant for eternity, accompany each luxuriant turn around.
The unique shape of this watch is based on the neo-classical aesthetic of Rennes Opera house in France. Beautiful lines and curves complement each other, and the power reserve display perfectly embodies its precise grasp of time. Through the power storage display on the dial, the wearer can see the power storage at a glance. Powerful practical function and intimate design concept, let this watch is the most reliable partner of new employees. This kind of experience of mastering the whole situation seems to confirm the new chapter of my life, cheering for my next new role change! It’s a continuation of previous models: a large dial, a highly polished stainless steel case with rounded curves, and a curved ear. Everything is so seamless, every moment, every minute, every second guarded by Mido Baroncelli series power storage watches are perfectly interpreting the legend of your life, witnessing your successful turn from a student to a professional person!

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