NEW Led Ambient Light RGB 8m 1 in 14 Car Interior Atmosphere Lamp Remote APP 12V Auto Decorative Dashboard Foot Door Mood Lights


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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Item Type: Atmosphere Lamp

Time to market: 2020 NEW

Voltage: 12v

color: rgb

Light control mode: APP and remote control

note 1: Remote control does not include battery

note 2: Storage grid light source installation requires drilling

Installation position: Car dashboard, door, bottom of seat, storage compartment

Features: car interior ambient light

special function: No threading

Important Note: The storage grid light source needs to be drilled to install (the product comes with a drilling tool)

Product name: LED light bar atmosphere light plus foot light and storage box light

Voltage: 12v

Color: RGB

Control method: APP and remote control (remote control does not include battery)

Features: This product does not require threading and is more convenient to install. Can save a lot of installation time and installation costs. Suitable for more car models.

1.6 controllers, one of which is the main controller. The main controller has a two-dimensional code. You can scan the QR code on the controller to download the app, then turn on the Bluetooth and location connection

2.14 light sources (including 4 foot light sources, 6 light source heads, 4 storage box light sources)

3.8m fiber

4. Remote control (remote control does not include battery)

5. Drilling tools

1. Be sure to connect a 12v power supply to work properly, otherwise the product will easily burn out or not work
2. The main controller must be connected to a power source. When the main controller is connected to the power supply, it will send signals, and other controllers receive signals to be controlled. If the main controller is not connected to power and the other controllers are connected to power separately, the other controllers will not work.
3. The installation of the storage grid light source head requires drilling holes in the storage grid to install.
4. The remote control does not contain a battery, you need to install a lithium battery yourself

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8m 1 in 14


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