1pc LED Wireless Car LED Alarm Lights Car Solar Flashing Warning Light Auto Super Bright Colorful Universal Interior Decoration


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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Item Type: Strobe Light

Interface Type: None

Voltage: 12V/24V

Item Weight: 150g

For Vehicle Brands/Model: Universal

PS: This product contains a lithium battery. Countries and cities that do not allow battery products are not shipped.
The multi-function warning light of the car is a new type of environmentally-friendly vehicle. The product is free of wiring and maintenance-free. The product has a solar charging module and a lithium battery storage device. It has two-way warning when driving, which has a good auxiliary effect on driving safety at night. .
1. Solar charging, lithium battery storage, wiring free, maintenance-free, efficient and environmentally friendly;
2.16 high-brightness LED lights are discharged in sequence, with a length of 160mm, a variety of flashing modes, the warning effect is very obvious, and has a good auxiliary effect on driving safety;
3. Intelligent control system, built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor and light-sensing system, self-flashing in the environment of dark light while driving. And there is a time-delay shutdown function, continue to work during the stop and wait for the red light, automatically shut down after 120 seconds of no parking or body vibration;
Anti-theft, driving warning, anti-tailing function
The product has a built-in high-sensitivity vibration sensor. The nighttime unscrupulous molecules touch gently or the body, and the product light warning function is automatically turned on, which can attract the attention of passers-by and intimidate the criminals. The product 16 LED lights are discharged in sequence, the length is 160mm, and various flashing modes are installed on the inner side of the front and rear windshields. At night, the vehicle can remind the oncoming vehicles, and can also warn the rear vehicles to prevent rear-end collisions.
Product installation:
This product is sucked onto the inside of the car’s windshield using a suction cup.
Light flashing mode:
This product uses 16 high-brightness LEDs to discharge sequentially, length 160mm, flashing one by one, one flashing, one flashing and other scanning modes, each mode is kept for 3 seconds, and the cycle is completed in about 15 seconds.

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