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Roger Federer, a tennis star with 18 Grand Slam titles, was born in Basel, which hosts the world’s largest watch exhibition every year. He is also a discerning watch enthusiast. Over the years, he has been the Brand ambassador for Rolex, and whenever he lifts the Champions League, we can see a distinctive Rolex on his wrist. Perhaps it is because of his love for his hometown and his confidence in the watchmaking industry. Federer signed a ten-year contract with Rolex, and was mocked as a ten-year contract.
Standing on the podium after winning again and again, every moment of ten years of glory, Switzerland, have earned enough attention for Rolex. In this year’s Australian Open men’s singles final set, Federer once again met a veteran opponent, are more than 30 years old tennis veteran, Nadal and Federer every time the showdown is a historical moment, let alone in federer sprint 18 Grand Slam time.Federer will most remember the birth of his first set of twins in the summer of 2009, just as he fulfilled Pete Sampras’s grand Slam record at Wimbledon. The Rolex he wore that day reminded him of that particular summer.
“Every time I look at my watch, I remember that day.”
“My home country, Switzerland, has had a profound impact on who I am today. Then I realized I could be the first Swiss tennis player to be no. 1 in the world. I felt that I could achieve something that no one else had ever done before, so I moved forward with this mindset, inspired and motivated by the opponents, the records I had a chance to break, and the games I loved to play…… Then in 2009, I won the French Open for the first time and was going to Wimbledon to try to break Pete Sampras’s Grand Slam record. I didn’t expect to go through five rounds with Roddick and win and break the record. We were at each other’s throes in the match and it wasn’t until the last set that I got the upper hand and won the match. I was wearing a Rolex when I lifted the trophy.”
As the king of men’s tennis for many years, Federer has also been the global face of Rolex watches for many years. In the Rolex ads, Roger Federer wears an oyster watch with a constant motion log series that has become a classic.
A decade may have seen record after record, but for Federer, the love of his hometown, the pride of his wristwatch, the confidence on the podium, is a record of his life. The connection between Rolex and Federer is not so much a bond as a decade of love. Because Federer has a memory and affection for them, Rolex should thank Federer for wearing his watch every time he steps up to the podium.

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