How to cosplay Robin?

The story tells the story of a superhero team led by Robin Dick Grayson to boycott crime.

Robin, the superhero in Robin’s DC comics, which is a partner and assistant of Batman. Also known as “Boy Wonder”, it is called “Dynamic Duo” with Batman. In 1940, one year after Batman first appeared in comics, creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger introduced the role of Robin into the comics. Robin’s original intent was the “Robin”, which was chosen by his assistant, Jerry Robinson, to echo his surname on the one hand and the flying creature (corresponding to the bat) on the other hand. Another layer of meaning is to compare him to the modern Robin Hood. Known as “The Boy Wonder,” Robin changed the early style of Batman from the game, wearing uniforms inspired by the famous movie “The Adventures of Robin Hood” The image of Robin Hood.

Let’s talk about the Robin cosplay costume.

Jumpsuit and vest:

This is a black jumpsuit made of black stretch lining. There is a green long-sleeved shirt outside the jumpsuit, but the length of the shirt is only to the chest, because a red vest will be placed on the shirt.

The vest is a leather material, and there are some patterns on the vest. Friends who have seen the TV series will know. In addition, there are two clips on the shoulder of the vest, which is used to fix the cloak.

There is a golden belt under the vest, this should be the best match, the general belt can not match such gorgeous clothes.


The cloak is made of bronze single-layer leather, which is longer than the knee. This cloak is so cool, especially its color, bronzed in the lining, and the outer lining is black. In this way, when people look at your front, not only see your clothes, but also see your bronze cloak, and when people see your back, they will see a cool black back.


His shoes are also very special. The height of the sides of the shoe is different, the outside is high, and the inside is low. This decoration fits the character and also reflects the characteristics of the cosplay costume.


This complete cosplay costume is complete with only a pair of gloves and a mask. The pair of gloves is green to match the green long-sleeved shirt. The mask actually only covers the eyes, but it is very similar to the characters in the TV series.

Now, all the details of the cosplay costume are finished. You can decide if you want the role of cosplay Robin based on the above. If you decide, come here to satisfy your wishes.

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