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Longines is a high class watches house located in Saint-Imier in Switzerland. Established by Auguste Agassiz during 1832, this watch company is owned and operated by the Swatch Group. Its logo with the design of a winged hourglass is the oldest registered brand logo for a high class watchmaker.
The Longines brand is well-known for its ‘Aviators’ designer watches. A company executive was a good friend of Charles Lindbergh. Right after his transatlantic air travel, Charles Lindbergh developed a pilot watch to assist with on air navigation and course plotting. Built to Linderbergh’s specifications, these aviator’s watches are still produced today.
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Among the popular watch series of Longines include the Master Collection, Prima Luna series, Flagship automatic series, Evidenza and La Grande among others. The company built chronograph watches and these are among the most popular along with their automatic series. Buying an authentic Logines watch is not an option for everyone since a single Le Grande Classique series can easily cost you around $800 or more. However, there are other options to consider if you really want to have a Longines watch.

Swiss replica watches are very popular today because of its affordable price and improved quality. You can actually buy high quality Longiness Swiss made replica watch for less than $150 if you know where to look for it. There are plenty of companies that offer luxury Swiss replica watches today and since the number of people opting to use replica watches is also increasing, the competition in the market is also becoming very aggressive. Watch companies feature a wide variety of Swiss replica watches with different models from different brand series which you can select from. The selection may include not only Longines but other Swiss made brands that range from Gucci to Muller, Montblanc, Panerai, Corum and a whole lot more. Typical Swiss replica watches like Longines are one of the most in demand model because of its affordability. If you have enough dollars to spend, you can go for the high end models which offer more luxurious features and exquisite time movement.

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