Alita: Battle Angel cosplay costumes Reviews

In the role setting of the movie, Alita seems to be born for the battle. She is kind, brave, independent, determined, strong, beautiful and unappealing. She is particularly good at the people she loves, not in a stable and calm life but in the pursuit of self. What this movie tells us is that brave is always in your heart and strive to be a truly brave person.

This Alita body suit was perfect for my Alita: Battle Angel cosplay! This cosplay outfit fit very well on me and was a hit for me, a big fan! I was extremely surprised because I wasn’t sure if this would fit me but it sure did. I usually wear a M size in clothes and am very thick and curvy, especially in the thigh, hip, butt region. There was definitely a lot of wiggle room. This costume is very well constructed and very stretchy so I will say that it definitely fits true to size (with a bit of extra room),if you go based on the size chart.All in all it did turn out perfect but it does look still pretty uniform to the costume. Decide for yourself what you’d like to do here if needed.

I really don’t have any issues with the costume at all. And I was extremely comfortable wearing this costume all day and it looked very well on me! Wore this during the middle of summer and I was worried that I would be sweltering hot but I was able to keep my cool just fine. The zipper was fine and I didn’t feel constricted in any way. I could move just as freely as Alita in it doing kicks, spins and backflips with ease. I got many compliments from this cosplay and was easily recognized by fans. I hope to get a bit more fit so that the costume fits a bit better on me for next year. This costume was well worth the money! Definitely go ahead and buy it!

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