About the Maleficent and her costume

Maleficent is a beautiful and pure young fairy with wings that can grow in a quiet and peaceful forest kingdom. However, the good times are always short-lived. The kingdom was attacked by the human army. Maleficent gradually grew into the guardian of this forest in the battle, and also suffered a ruthless betrayal. From then on, her mind began to become cold and her mind. There is only the idea of revenge. In revenge, she gave a curse to the daughter of the human king, Princess Aurora.

However, with the growth of Aurora , Maleficent realized that the little princess could not only bring peace to the two worlds, maybe It can also bring real happiness to herself.

Maleficent has never been an absolute good or an absolute evil witch. Because the betrayal of her lover has caused her to lose her wings, she hates this ruthless man. She wants revenge, and her revenge makes her regret after ten years. Maleficent, a woman who can’t hate it, even wants to hate Aurora, but she finally fell in love with her like her mother. Maleficent means harmful; criminal; doing bad things. So, is she really doing something bad? Even though she had cursed, but after 16 years Maleficent awakened Aurora with her true love. Who said that true love must be the love between men and women? I believe that even Aurora’s biological parents will not be true to her. Maleficent has been around Aurora, never appeared, but protects her like a mother.

A woman with the name of a bad person has a heart that is true, good, and beautiful. With two shorn wings and an astonishing maternal kiss, Maleficent demolishes stereotypes that were only tweaked in Frozen.

In the movie, she wore black clothes that she had never worn before. She had two horns on her head. She also had pointed nails that made her look like an evil witch.

Qualitycosplay have the Maleficent Cosplay Costumes, You can have her hat with a pointed corner and that black dress. As in the movie, this dress is very long,  the material is rubbery and stretches nicely, and the design of the neckline part perfectly shows the elegance of Maleficent. The neck was a soft foam. The foam was a little creased from packaging.

Maleficent’s hat can be resized according to the customer’s head circumference. If it is found to be inappropriate after getting it, you can use some staples or sponges to modify it.

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